meet the team

At Silverline Construction, we’re 100% focused on helping you with your latest remodel, build or project overhaul—no matter your construction need,  we are the go-to general contractor in San Diego.

Though your project might not require that you work with each member of our crew, we want you to know about us.

The Silverline Construction Team

Ruben Gallego Owner

There’s a reason Ruben has been in charge of everything that happens at Silverline Construction for over 16 years and with 26 years of hard experience in the construction industry, he’s seen, done or built many projects. He spends his time meeting with clients and potential clients, providing estimates, preparing detailed proposals, consulting, managing our complex projects and assuring schedules are being met.

Ignacio Nava Lead Foreman

Ignacio Nava has over 16 years of experience on construction sites, Ignacio has been a crucial member of our staff for 14 years. As Lead Foreman, Ignacio manages our crews, ensuring that jobs are completed smoothly, on time and under budget.

Olivia Pickering Office & Marketing Manager

The office runs like a well-oiled machine.  Due to Olivia’s office experience with contracts, insurance, human resources and bookkeeping, there’s little Olivia can’t do.

Nimai Hemphill Superintendent & Estimator

Nimai has over 20 years experience in the industry.  In the two years Nimai has been with us, there’s nobody better at overseeing small to large residential or commercial jobs, giving a high level of dependability and trustworthiness. His estimating skills and ability to make sure a job runs smoothly is important to all of our clients.

Andrew Hartwig Job Supervisor

Andrew has taken his three years in construction very seriously, learning quickly what takes most anywhere between five and seven years. There’s a good chance you’ll work with Andrew, too. He’s responsible for all on-site duties and reporting back to his supervisor and customers in a timely, yet effective manner.